Individual Conferences with Parents

As per our mission at DAS that empowers each student to be a thinker and a lifelong bi-lingual learner who makes a positive difference, locally and globally and as we believe that the learning and teaching process is a partnership between school and home, which has been noticed during this exceptional period of time through Distance Learning, this period has equipped us with a new set of skills that resulted in a daily active communication with students and their parents in order to accomplish mutual goals, teaching and interacting have been practiced both online (virtual) as well as personal (at school), Which provided an opportunity for teachers to get to know students closely and to form authentic relations with them. 

Conference Venue:

virtually, on TEAMS platform (as will be explained later on this Email)


10 minutes for parents with each teacher.

We hope that everyone completely adheres to the given time for each conference, and not to skip or cancel it in order to avoid any disagreements with teachers and other parents. Parents who want to book a conference with a teacher during the office work times can send an Email to the teacher to book an appointment in advance.

We are looking forward to these meetings, hoping they will enhance the meaningful partnership between school and parents. 

Please find below a guide for booking appointments and attending individual conferences.

Video Link for Booking Guide:

Booking Appointments Link: